What are sessions like?

What to Expect in Counseling

During our first session, we review the paperwork, discuss confidentiality & begin to hear your story and what brought you into counseling.   This will also be the time for you to ask any questions about specific types of therapy that you may be interested in.


If you’re coming to counseling for your child, our first session will be the counselor meeting solely with the parent(s). This is done intentionally to get a full history of why you are bringing your child into therapy & determine the best plan for counseling. For example, we may determine that sessions will include only the parents, only the child, or a combination of individual and family sessions.


During the second and third session, we’ll discuss areas of strength and possible areas for improvement. We will identify what the focus of counseling will be, establish the specific goals that you hope to achieve, and the timeframe that you would like to achieve these goals by. This is known formerly as the Treatment Plan, which outlines how we measure progress toward your goals and who is in charge of any steps necessary for your progress. For example, your therapist may be responsible for sending you resources, and you may be responsible for practicing new parenting strategies.


The following sessions will then target those steps that will help you meet your counseling goals. We will continue to review the Treatment Plan and modify any necessary changes. This collaborative approach helps you to determine when you are done with counseling so that you can move forward with your life.