Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling

Meet Valerie Nivar

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Valerie Nivar is a psychotherapist specializing in treating anxiety, depression, grief, self-identity/conflict as a result of acculturation, trauma, self-injurious or suicidal behaviors and severe and persistent mental illness. She frequently works with diverse populations, including adolescents, college students, young adults, seniors, families, couples, and LGBTQ individuals. 

Valerie is passionate about facilitating positive change, empowerment, helping others her clients to develop self-awareness and explore their passions. She utilizes a holistic approach, focusing on person centeredness, Mindfulness and CBT. She works collaboratively with clients to identify triggers, explore self-conflicting beliefs, strengthen relationships, engage in effective communication and to overcome hurdles during major life transitions.

Valerie received a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology from St. Thomas Aquinas College and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University. She has received certifications in ASSIST (Suicide Prevention Training), and in Motivational Interviewing and she has a national clinical certification in mental health counseling, (CCMHC).

Valerie has an innate ability to listen empathetically and a genuine desire to develop a deeper understanding of her clients. Valerie’s compassion and patience allow her to work successfully with her clients in achieving their ultimate goals of peace.

Valerie is available on evenings and Saturdays at Peaceful Living MHC.

You May Be Asking Yourself:

  • Can we rediscover the passion and fire in our marriage?

  • Can our family ever learn to get along?

  • Is my insecurity or lack of self-esteem affecting my relationships?

  • Why can’t I ever get my point across in a way that people understand?

  • I’m about to graduate college, now what?

  • Why are my 20’s more difficult than I expected?

  • Will my parents ever accept that I don’t want to follow their cultural beliefs?

I Help By

  • Using mindfulness techniques for grounding and to create a sense of calm and peace

  • Helping you explore your inner dialogue to combat negative self talk and gain confidence

  • Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to alter negative thoughts and behaviors

  • Using communication therapy to foster healthy relationships

  • Teaching effective coping skills to overcome unruly emotions and to manage triggers

  • I offer Walk & Talk Therapy sessions, if you’d like to combine therapy with nature.

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