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Meet Kaitlyn Giordano

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Tabacco Treatment Specialist




I help Athletes, Adolescents & Women in need of Empowerment

  • Are you struggling with loneliness, or does it seem like you just have too many tasks to accomplish?

  • Do you worry you will not be able to successfully perform in all the things you have planned?

  • Have you questioned whether you are good enough? Do you have a habit that needs to change?

  • Are you an athlete that needs help with perfecting your craft?

I became a therapist because I have a firm belief we all share these difficulties, and finding someone you trust will be of great help in overcoming these challenges. I want to help you develop a positive self-image and have stable relationships. I can teach you how to cope with stressful events in your life. I became a therapist because I want to make sure people, especially adolescents and women, are empowered and in a position to balance their hopes and dreams effectively. Let’s build off of the positive aspects of your life together, sort out what isn’t working, and build more effective coping strategies.


I Help By

  • Showing you ways to appreciate your life experiences, not only re-framing the so-called failures but also emphasizing your strengths.

  • Teaching you how to be confident with the tasks you have to carry out and how to balance them with other life activities.

  • Building up areas that are already heading in the right direction, as well as problem-solving areas that are not working out well.

  • Using visualization to help athletes and people who want to change something about their life to see a brighter future.

Kaitlyn Giordano is a seasoned psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, stress management, women's issues, and performance enhancement for athletes. She has extensive experience helping adolescents overcome intense emotions.

Kate works from a wellness framework and understands the importance of positive thinking for a person's overall well-being. She actively uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and visualization techniques in her sessions.  She is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a MS degree from Pace University.

Kate is available on evenings and Saturdays at Peaceful Living MHC.

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