Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling

Meet Kate Giordano

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Therapy for Teenagers, Athletes & Women

Kaitlyn Giordano is a seasoned psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, stress management, women's issues, and performance enhancement for athletes. She has extensive experience helping adolescents overcome intense emotions.

Kate works from a wellness framework and understands the importance of positive thinking for a person's overall well-being. She actively uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and visualization techniques in her sessions.  She is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a MS degree from Pace University.

Kate is available on evenings and Saturdays at Peaceful Living MHC.

A Lot of my Clients Come Here Asking

  • What is wrong with me? Why are all my friends running away?

  • Will I ever be able to balance my relationships with athletic life and studies?

  • Why do I always believe I'm not good enough?

I became a therapist because I believe that we all share problems together. I want to help others, especially teenagers and active women, feel empowered and able to balance their hopes and dreams effectively.  Overcoming these challenges is possible when you have a therapist whom you can trust and feel comfortable with.  I can help you or your teenager develop positive self-esteem, have stable relationships, and learn how to cope with stressful life events.  

If you feel you are cycling through the same struggles, or you want to enhance your relationships, as well as balance work and studies, it makes sense to seek guidance as well as support. I will help you create a more accomplished life! Let's get you some insight to all your goals and work together on the path to success.

I Help By

  • Teaching you how to make good friends and maintain them

  • Showing you ways to appreciate your life experiences, not only re-framing the so-called failures but also emphasizing your strengths.

  • Teaching you how to be confident with the tasks you have to carry out and how to balance them with other life activities.

  • Building up areas that are already heading in the right direction, as well as problem-solving areas that are not working out well.

  • Using visualization to help athletes and people who want to change something about their life to see a brighter future.