Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling

Meet Dana Carretta-Stein

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Specializing in Parenting, Panic Attacks & PTSD

  • Are you a survivor or childhood abuse or neglect?

  • Are you a first-responder struggling to overcome what you've seen in the line of duty?

  • Are you a survivor or rape or sexual assault?

  • Do you struggle with frequent and debilitating panic attacks?

  • Is your child more difficult than others and you need help?

A Lot Of My Clients Come to Counseling Asking

  • How do I stop letting panic attacks control my life?

  • Why does my child act this way?

  • How can I stop thinking about this terrible thing that happened?

  • How can I better help my child?

  • How can I move past my past?

  • Why hasn’t traditional talk therapy helped me?

I Help By

  • Using neurofeedback to help decrease anxiety and stress, as well as enhance and speed up the EMDR process.  I use MUSE, a brainwave-sensing headband.  Contact me to find out more.

  • Using visualization techniques to help clients experience an overall sense of calm and stop the occurrence of panic attacks.

  • Teaching clients coping skills and techniques to help control their emotions 

  • Using EMDR to overcome traumatic memories, panic attacks, and stressful life experiences that are preventing you from moving forward.

  • Helping parents understand why their child(ren) behave in certain ways and coming up with a plan on how to improve their behavior

  • Incorporating Reiki Therapy and Energy Healing Modalities into session, if requested, to enhance the therapeutic process

Dana Carretta-Stein is the owner and founder of Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling, PLLC.  In her private practice, she specializes in anxiety, trauma, and behavioral challenges in children and adults.  She has extensive experience helping those who struggle with a history of sexual abuse and emotional neglect.  She is certified in EMDR, one of the most effective psychotherapy treatments for trauma and anxiety.

Dana actively uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spirituality in her private practice.  She holds licenses in both New York (LMHC) and Connecticut (LPC) with a MS degree from Pace University in Mental Health Counseling.  Dana has also been published in many media articles on her areas of expertise.

Dana is available for morning and afternoon appointments at Peaceful Living MHC.